About Us




Angora jewelry manages beauty and fashion concept focused on each of our clients who are the ones who define themselves and guide us on the jewels they want to wear on their bodies. Fashion and beauty go hand in hand according to how each of us determines and lives it. When we see our clients walking confidently, what they wear is what identifies them, it becomes the inspiration to create a different fashion

Our clients are the new generation of today, a freer, more daring and willing to change, a more noble, outgoing but who always loves to make a difference, one who always likes to feel unique and singular and are always looking for a way to find it. They prefer products with unique designs and high quality, value exclusive pieces for their uniqueness, history and production processes made with passion and dedication.

Every time a person wears a product from ANGORA JEWELRY, they will have the certainty that they are wearing an exclusive luxury jewelry of high quality. We are manufacturers of jewelry for Piercings made with gold as well as titanium distributor and certified gemstones; we also represent different jewelry brands that give value to our brand for its quality and trajectory in the environment of body piercing